Today cannabis market offers a plethora of bong options and accessories. It has been confusing and frustrating when choosing the bong and what is needed for it.

It is true that each person has a different preference on size of the bong which is based on their uses and lifestyle. Perhaps you are always in the travel you have mistakenly bought the larger which is uncomfortable to carry. This may be waste of money. So to avoid this mistake you have to well know about the sizes of the best bongs and their uses.

Mini bongs

Mini bongs are portable which is easy to carry.  Due to the small size, mini bongs are ideal for travelling individuals. They are generally lighter in weight and smaller in size, so this makes them convenient to carry than large size bongs.  It is the perfect way for traveler looking for discreet way of smoking.

Medium bongs

Medium bongs tend to be the most common due to its proximity to both small and big bongs. You can still enjoy the benefits of what a mini bong can provide as well as benefit from the advantages of a big bong. It is usually the size between 10 to 14 inches.

While it is not same as larger bong but it is larger than the mini bong. This may be quite travel friendly and discreet option too.

Larger bong

Usually, larger best bongs are perfect for the more experienced smokers, though they are not suitable for beginners. Since the larger bongs are not  discreet and uncomfortable with travelling. They are better only for the home use. This bong is best to buy for good smoking experience that allow optimal airflow and smoke filtration.