The term ’dry oil’ appears like an oxymoron & may confuse many people. Right? Well, this is called dry oil because it leaves dry finish on your skin. This oil sinks in & removes oily residue when applied to your skin or hair.

Dry oil is a bit different from the wet oils. It’s a bit heavier than the wet oils as well as has different chemical composition. Today, we will explain everything about using dry oil, how this is different from the wet oils or how you may use this effectively. Keep reading!

How to use dry oils:

Uses of the body oil are a lot. Whether it is healing dry, dull, and itchy skin or treating some kind of skin conditions, the body oils are answer to various skincare issues. Here’re some easy tips on how you can use the body oils for hydrated and healthy skin:

  1. Pre-shower Oil:

The pre-shower dry oil massage generally protects your skin from losing natural oil balance at time of shower. This helps to exfoliate toxins from your body, enhances blood circulation, as well as relaxes tense muscles.

dry body oil

  1. Shaving:

Another surprising dry body oil benefits is it’s the wonderful alternative for shaving lotions and creams. This softens your skin as well as helps in easy removal of your hair. Dry oil protects your skin from drying because of shaving and heals cuts and nicks very fast.

  1. Post-shower:

After taking your shower, you must pat dry your skin and dab oil on your skin when it’s still damp. It helps to lock in moisture as well as keeps your skin feeling supple and soft every day long.